IT infrastructure operation and support

IT infrastructure operation and support

Sales of manufacturer’s hardware

Sales of hardware products of manufacturers of corporate HW solutions from PCs to High End systems

System Integration in a corporate environment

  • Enhancement and streamlining of existing systems
  • End to end building of new IT systems

Application operation, support

  • Operation and support of teamwork software and tools
  • Daily operation and support of application environment
  • Operation and support of messaging system

Sales of manufacturer’s software

Sales of software products of manufacturers of corporate SW solutions from operating systems to monitoring systems.

Consulting services

  • Examination of policies, and issues of integration and efficiency
  • Outlining the circumstances for a new application installation
  • Designing of complex systems
  • Assessment of current situation and future expectations

Network operation, support

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, operation and monitoring
  • Routers, firewalls, connection and security monitoring and operation
  • IP address handling and temporal synchronization
  • Local- (LAN), and wireless (WLAN) network setup, operation and monitoring

Server and storage operation

  • Test server environment operation
  • Server monitoring and operation
  • Backup service
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) monitoring

Client operation

  • Operation of thin client systems
  • Supervision of client side virus protection system
  • Client monitoring and operation
  • Operation of VoIP center
  • On site support: operation, repair
  • Client side environment

Support services

  • On site support: operation, repair
  • Remote or local monitoring services

Custom software development

  • Integration of off-the-shelf software products in a custom environment
  • Development of software for particular requests

IT security services

  • Black-box
  • External/internal intrusion tests (ethical hack)
  • White-box
  • Last minute check
  • Designing and building secure systems
  • Network assessment from Internet, LAN
  • System administrator audit

Apple technologies

We offer IT tools and services based on Apple technology to corporate customers

Public Procurement

A full range of services to our clients that enter a bid for public procurement, whether voluntarily or compelled by law for both one time procurements and those within a Directorate-General for Public Procurement and Supply framework.